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Itís a bitter-sweet relationship between Mount Vesuvius and the Neapolitans. Possibly the cityís biggest icon, Mount Vesuvius is the volcano responsible for Naplesí landscape, fertile agricultural land and beauty, but equally for much destruction over the centuries with its explosive eruptions.  The last eruption was in 1944.  Vesuvius in monitored by scientists on a daily basis to make sure that the mountain continues to sleep.
You can climb Mt, Vesuvius (approximately 45 minutes), and walk around the crater at 3,900 feet (1,200 meters). From the summit you'll have panoramic views of the picturesque Bay of Naples from east to west. Peering down into the depths of the crater, you may see plumes of steam issuing from the sleeping, but still active, volcano. A medium level of fitness is required to complete the climb. Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes!

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