Amalfi Coast Tour

duration: 8 hours
Places you will visit:
Positano Amalfi Ravello

The classic tour of the Amalfi Coast has fascinated, and continues to do so, tourists, artists and celebrities from around the world. This is because the Coast, as well as give a crystal clear sea and stunning scenery with cliffs overlooking the sea, offers historical-cultural, musical and culinary events, from clothing to local craftsmanship of shoemaking sandals varied and then typical products such as limoncello, the marmalade, pizza and much more.

Along the route you can visit the coastal towns of Amalfi, known for its beach, the imposing cathedral that stands in the main square, for his precious paper called “Charta Bambagina” to the particular production process; Vietri sul Mare, famous for its fine ceramics; Cetara, a small fishing village that evokes an ancient world now past, Maiori with its wide beach; Ravello, the city of music and Ville that captivates with its breathtaking views from Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo; Furore with its picturesque fjord and home to one of the most famous diving events in the world; and Positano, the pride of the Amalfi Coast for its particular urban houses and narrow streets that lead to the sea.

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