Often tourists travelling to Naples opt to visit the renowned Sorrento and Amalfi coasts and don’t get a chance to visit the city itself. Naples is a city full of character and contrasts, luxury and poverty, people in a hurry and people who will go out of their way to give you directions and help you out. History and modern life are intertwined and cannot be taken apart. On one side you have a stunning Royal Palace and San Pietro & Paolo Basilica and on the other mopeds parked and graffiti on the walls of the monuments.

Your eyes are captured by the vastness of the seascape; then your attention will turn to Naples’ famous narrow streets with tall ancient buildings, washing lines hanging high above and the green grocers shouting out their offers of the day. We would like to help you fall in love with a city that, once you discover, you will want to revisit. Home of the famous pizza, a trip to a pizzeria or local trattoria cannot be missed. We will show you places where you can dine like a true Neapolitan.