Naples city tour

duration: 8 hours
Places you will visit:

Naples is a city that deserves more than a few days to be explored to the fullest. However its incredible architectural richness, historical, cultural visits also allows daily with a chance to see and explore some of the beauty of this city.
For example, the 4 castles sites in different areas of the city, and with stories and different origins. The best known is the “Castel dell’Ovo” of the twelfth century, situated on the islet of Megaride, surrounded by the Borgo Marinari; the “Castello Maschio Angioino or Castel Nuovo” in Town Hall Square, built in the thirteenth century; the “Castello Sant 'Elmo”, perched atop the hill of Vomero, built in tuff, has star-shaped and allows you to see the various corners of the city; the “Castello Capuano” twelfth century takes its name from the nearby Porta Capuana, one of the ancient entrances to the city and now the seat of the Court.
Other highlights some of the main squares of the city, such as Piazza Plebiscito, Piazza della Borsa, Piazza Dante, located in the historic center of Naples, and then some narrow streets such as the well-known San Gregorio Armeno where there are the numerous shops of artisans the crib.

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