A poor fishing village until tourism boomed in the late 1950s, Positano is now amongst the most visited locations on the Amalfi coast. From a distance, Positano looks like a small hill where pastel coloured houses with red roofs are all standing next to each other overlooking the bay. Some people in fact describe it as a living nativity scene! When you are walking in Positano you feel captured by its simple but stunning beauty, the sea can be seen practically from everywhere and you will have a wide choice of cafés and restaurants where to choose from. Over the years Positano has also become renowned for its fashion in linen clothes, leather shoes and leather handbags – a real treat for women who enjoy a little window shopping! Another point of interest for those interested in architecture is the church of Santa Maria in the centre of the village which also hosts art work dated from the 13th and 14th century.